There is music that creates a world of its own, apart from the one we live in. Other music - and to that category belong the works of Tommie Haglund - rather changes the world we are in. The colours deepen, the sensitivity increases. What seems to be our innermost, turns to the outside. You listen in a different manner after hearing Haglund, open up onto the outside world. 

The fact that it is once again time for a Haglund festival in Halmstad means that it will be possible for us to take part in a completely open community. This participation emerges although we don’t know each other, but we enter into the same sounding room, experience its constant changes and in that same moment we ourselves become changed.
(Erik Wallrup)

”Sometimes along the beaten track of current trends in contemporary art we meet an artist of pure mind and an ability to touch our hearts, who makes us listen to something asleep within us: 
An artist who goes into his deepest and most private me and thereby reaches us all, instead of trying to reach out to everyone and touching no-one. Whose work is no hollow installation or cerebral showmanship. An artist who dares to descend all the way into his heart.”
(Hans Pålson on Tommies music from the book ”Thought on music”)