For this year’s festival we have established a cooperation with Sturegymnasiet, an upper secondary school with several top educations with national recruitment, among them music and film.  
Tommie has been giving lectures in music history at the school for a long time. Many students have had their first introduction to the world of classical music through Tommie’s vivid accounts from early to contemporary music.

Linda Alexandersson is one of the studentsTommie met at Sturegymnasiet, who continued her music studies at Malmö Academy of Music, including music composition. We are thrilled to welcome Linda to this year’s festival.
The choir from Sturegymnasiet will perform three compositions by Linda at the concert on Saturday afternoon.

Did you get tickets for the aisle in the church?
Thanks to the cooperation with students from the Aesthetic programme at Sturegymnasiet, we will be able to use large screens showing what is happening on the stage.